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Fates Forever, MOBA fun on your iPad

Do you like League of Legends? If you’ve got an iPad, check Fates Forever out.


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Will World of Warcraft ever die?

Is it true that nothing lasts forever but love and Warcraft?


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Streamline, smarten and simplify with Yahoo Aviate

Are you looking to make your Android phone look and feel different and more efficient? Maybe you’re a person who appreciate the simpler things in life and an Android phone can feel equipped with a lot of bells and whistles. Perhaps you might prefer some automatic categorization for your apps, making them easy to find without a lot of fiddling around with your phone and automatically there when you need them. Read on and find out if Yahoo’s Aviate is for you!

Perfect for the uninitiated Android user

Lady confused with an Android PhoneI remember when I just got my hands on an Android phone for the first time, I felt a bit daunted by the way it worked. If you are making the switch from Apple to Android, things like the app drawer and such will take some getting used to. You might have heard and seen that Android phones and tablets have great customization when it comes to getting your device tailored to fit you and your lifestyle… instead of the other way around: you changing your lifestyle to become more like your phone.

I have tried out a new home screen replacement or “Launcher” called Aviate. Aviate is available on the Google Play Store free and developed by a team of six from Yahoo and features a complete new look and feel to your Android home screen.

Aviate focuses mostly on simplicity, if you like me (without sounding elderly) find the other launchers like Nova or Go Launcher a little too rich in features I would definitely recommend you checking Aviate out.

The simple starts here

Once you open Aviate up for the first time, it shows of its features in a neat way as most apps do with a swipe to the left. Aviate sets itself apart from other launchers by guiding the user through with easy question such as select the apps you use most or selecting which categories interest you.

This is where Aviate shines, it will take the apps you use most and make them the easiest to reach and the apps that you use less a little less prominent in your home screen. Personally, I don’t use the phone dialer that much so it doesn’t make sense for me to have it first so I didn’t select it but replaced it with something more useful like Google Maps instead because it has such great information about public transit here in Sweden.

Next up the wizard asks you what type of apps you use most, here you get to choose whether you use your app for productivity, social, music, games, entertainment, photography, news or all the above. Just mark the categories you’d like your phone to offer and Aviate will do the rest.

Your new home screen tailored for you

After your one-on-one with the wizard, you’re introduced with your phone, simplified, streamlined and just for you. Just swipe all the way to the right to get your full list of those apps that you didn’t set as the ones you use the most.

Swipe all the way to the left and you’re presented with a list of situations. Setting “moving”, for example, will give you an easy access button to navigate home and show the transit category with all the apps that you need when you’re on the move.

Aviate’s design reminds me of a minimalistic iOS

Yahoo Aviate Android Launcher Minimalistic and crisp

When it comes to Yahoo Aviate’s design and customization options, it gets quite restrictive. You only get two choices of shades, white and black, or black and white. That’s not much of a color choice at all, in fact black and white aren’t colors, so that leaves even less of the already less. Super less.

Aviate doesn’t offer a traditional “wallpaper” but an image in a frame that will get smaller and smaller the more you fill your screen with widgets or apps. The white design reminds me a lot of the look and feel of Apple’s exterior. It feels a bit minimalistic, but in a clean way. Your apps are all neatly organized so It’s almost impossible to have a cluttered up Aviate.

Even though Aviate is so restrictive with its customization, it does allow for Icon Packs to be used. The beauty of Android is that we have the choice of making our phones just as advanced or simple as we want them to be. We can show our lifestyle and personality on our phones more so than any other phone OS. Very cookie cutter, much simplicity, such minimalist.

Get new icons for your Android apps with custom Icon Packs

Aviate Wizard Aviate’s wizard helps you select your most used apps

Aviate just like all the other major launchers supports custom icon packs, I browsed for a bit and found an icon pack called Moonshine, absolutely free and goes very nicely with Aviate. There’s a ton of Icon Packs out there both paid and free, please let us know of your favorite pack in the comments below!

Don’t like Aviate?

No worries Jimmy, using a custom launcher on your Android doesn’t change your original phone or void any warranties. If you don’t like Aviate, removal is really easy and once removed you’re back in your phone’s original screen.

See, a launcher runs over your original parts, it just presents the apps differently. Aviate doesn’t appeal to all, I for one choose to use Trebuchet which is part of the CyanogenMod custom ROM. Aviate, while nice, doesn’t appeal to me in the way it makes my phone look just like everyone else’s. In fact, I think my phone becomes a little too simple using Aviate, I like my widgets to seamlessly fit without any boundaries framing them in, if you know what I mean.

Aviate and Privacy

Using Aviate might be creepy to some. I’ve at times been told I’m drinking the Google Kool Aid but I noticed when my wife just installed Aviate that as soon as she agreed to Yahoo’s Terms and Conditions she instantly got an email sent to her welcoming her to Aviate, even though she didn’t type her email in anywhere.

Aviate changes its home screen to suit whatever situation you’re in, meaning it tracks your move by move throughout your day. If you’re not at all comfortable with this then Aviate is right out. This information gets sent to Yahoo and they ask nothing for their service or launcher.

Personally for my wife and I, giving Google our information just feels more secure than giving it to Yahoo. Maybe because we’re just one of the billion users using Google daily, or because Google claims to protect our privacy and keep our information as best they can. Perhaps Yahoo is a little too close or over the “creepy line” that Google doesn’t cross.

Thanks for reading!

As always, thank you so much for being here for another one of my articles. It means so much that you visited our blog and took the time to read this review of Aviate. I hope to see you here for the next post. To keep up to date feel free to follow us on your favorite Social Media outlet or you can also subscribe with your email at the bottom of this page.


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Illegal Danish Super Snacks [UNCUT]

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